These are the best Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 deals we've seen in a while

Hear me out: If there's one thing boomers, milliennials, *and* Gen Z can all agree upon, it's that instant cameras are pretty dang rad. In recent years, the photography style of that older generation has caught on among The Youths™️ thanks to a combination of plain ol' nostalgia and funky camera redesigns (which often wind up in front of a lens, judging by the #instantcamera hashtag on Instagram).  The Tokyo-based brand Fujifilm has taken this instant photography renaissance by storm with its cutesy, retro-inspired cameras, which casually brandish Taylor Swift's stamp of approval. Its popular Instax Mini 9 model popped up across a bunch of Mashable's gift guides this past holiday season — and as it so happens, that camera and its corresponding film are on sale at Walmart and Amazon right now. Read more...More about Cameras, Fujifilm, Instant Cameras, Mashable Shopping, and Fujifilm Instax Mini