'Spider Cat' Walks Up A Wall Effortlessly And Goes Viral

All cats love climbing, but this three-year-old British shorthair has full-on mastered it. After a video of her climbing a wall effortlessly went viral in China, she dubbed the 'spider-cat', and her purrfessional climbing skills took over everyone's hearts. The owner of Qiqi, Ms Luo, a high school teacher, told MailOnline that her cat has always loved climbing and enjoys spending her days leaping up and down from supposedly unreachable places. "Qiqi loves climbing the walls, the doors. Wherever is the highest, she would try to get up there," Ms Luo explained.In the beginning, Ms Luo would watch Qiqi every single time she climbed, worried that she would fall and hurt herself, but Qiqi never disappointed, continuously impressing her owner, and now us, with her amazing climbing skills. Ms Luo had been capturing videos like that and sharing them on Douyin, one of them going incredibly viral. Millions of viewers on social media were impressed with the little spider kitty, and we are part of them now. For more spider cats being totally impressive weirdos, click right here.Story vid: MailOnline