When A Cat's Food Bowl Is Empty, They Move Onto The Next Best Thing (Comic)

Mmm... food. We, humans, love food but do you know who loves food even more? Your pet(s). If your pet is anything like ours, you probably don't get a moment of peace from the moment you open the fridge to the moment you finish your last bite. And of course, if you leave your plate unattended (even if it's empty), your pet will be there faster than you can blink! They are truly sneaky animals. Let's be real though, we obviously can't feed our pets 24/7, they would never stop eating and their health would be in jeopardy. They don't know it but we don't feed them 24/7 because we love them and care about their health. Sometimes, we wish we could tell them that so they don't think we're absolute villains. We're pretty sure pets think about food 98% of their day, and the other remaining amount they're just dreaming of food.  In collaboration with Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we get a glimpse of what that moment is truly like. if you want more cat enjoyment, be sure to check out last week's installment: Illustrator Creates Fun Cat Costume Guessing Game!