Super-Man Wakes Up At The Crack Of Dawn To Feed 100 Homeless Cats In Hawaii

Hi, friends! How is everyone doing? If you're having one of "those" days where you're under the weather and just not feeling like your best self, then we have the perfect story to share that ought to cheer you up. But if you aren't having one of those days then we'd still advise watching the video because one way or another, hearts will be warmed, spirits will be lifted, and faith in humanity will be restored. The highlight is on a man named Mr. G who lives in Hawaii and is known on TikTok as the man who feeds 100 stray cats on a daily. It all began just a few years ago when a feral feline showed up on his doorstep. Being the super-man that he is, he offered the cat some food. The next day, the cat brought on over a few more feral friends, and the next day some more. Fast forward to three years later, he now feeds an army of cats.