Parent Stands Ground When Son's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals She's Pregnant, Demands Paternity Test

What's a parent to do when their son's ex-girlfriend who cheated on him suddenly shows up and says she's eight months pregnant with the son's child? Well, in this case, Redditor u/Bluetooth888's first instinct was to demand her son take a paternity test before anything else happens. This user posted to the popular moral judgment community r/AmITheAssholeto ask whether they were in the wrong for asking for a paternity test to be taken; it seems the situation is complicated by the fact that OP's elder daughter is friends with the expecting mother. Neither OP nor their son had heard about the ex being pregnant until really late in the game, even though the daughter seems to have known the whole time, so the situation is a little bit shady. It seems the people of Reddit have elected that OP isn't in the wrong at all here — it makes sense to get a paternity test done if there is any doubt of who the father may be. While the son's ex-girlfriend seems upset that they "always assume the worst" of her, she did apparently cheat on himFor another story about a wild ex-significant other, check out the woman who outed a guy bragging about cheating on his girlfriend on Twitter.