Internet Users Are Applauding This Worker's Story About Finding a New Role

This viral thread saw readers voicing their support for this worker who managed to find themselves a new role that offered a 30% increase in pay. Their decision to make a change came after their coworkers made clear to them just how valuable of an asset they were to the company. This thread was shared on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/lolwutRNB. They posted the thread with the title "My employer has been undervaluing me for years and I finally got to see them sweat after putting my resignation in."They explain in their story that they have been working for the same employer for 8.5 years and in that time they have developed an extraordinarily broad set of skills that spans multiple departments and management roles. They explain that for 5 years of that time they have stood nothing to gain in terms of benefits, as they have maxed out from what their employer is willing to offer.When their coworker told them "Why do you still work here? You are extremely knowledgeable and you are the backbone of the whole shop." they decided it was time to look for other work.When the new job offer came through their employer would suddenly realize just how valuable they were. Readers voiced their support and applauded the worker's move commenting that they were proud of the worker for putting themselves out there. Read the post and comments below.