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  • The 10 Most Common Pig Diseases and How to Prevent Them
    Last summer, our sow came down with a mysterious ailment.  One day, seemingly without any kind of cause, she began limping, favoring her right back leg. After a few days, ...
    (December 05 19:00)
  • La Flèche Chicken: A Unique French Fowl
    Despite being an incredible breed for both meat and egg production, La Flèche chickens are, unfortunately critically endangered. This breed has a unique appearance, proudly sporting a very interesting looking ...
    (December 05 17:00)
  • How to Prevent Pigs from Escaping and How to Catch Them
    The pig is probably one of the smartest farm animals you can raise. I had always been told that but never truly witnessed it firsthand – that is, until June ...
    (December 04 19:00)
  • 8 Best Weed Burner to Quickly Tame a Weedy Garden
    A weed burner is a gardener’s best friend. Just like other gardening taming tools like a string trimmer, a weed burner or weed burner torch makes it incredibly easy to ...
    (December 04 18:00)
  • The Best Christmas Plants for Celebrating the Holidays
    Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve already begun to decorate my home with holiday accents. The wreath on my door is up, string lights have been strung, and ...
    (December 03 19:00)
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