Puppers Workin' Heckin' Hard: Photo Album Of Dogs At Work

Consider this post your daily reminder that dogs are perfect and we really don't deserve them. Especially service dogs, who work tirelessly to ensure that the humans they protect stay safe. We've talked about service dogs before,  from a cute service dog duo, to some silly service dog memes, to an important rant about why service dogs are so important.  Suffice to say that we love service dogs, and we want everyone to learn more about the importance of them and the work they do. What we have below is a compilation of different dogs from around the globe, all of whom serve as either service animals or working dogs. What this means is that each one of them has a crucial job that they do with seriousness, professionalism, and intelligence. it goes without saying that they also look impossibly cute while doing so, but that isn't really the point. Anyway, enjoy these photos, and perhaps you will learn a bit more about the jobs that dogs fulfill around the world.