Tenant Won't Pay Rent, Landlord Snaps, "Moves In"

This is quite the dramatic twist on the traditional landlord vs tenant drama. In this case, it sounds like the tenant was a single mother who was having a bit of an issue with fronting the necessary amount of money to cover the cost of various repairs that the old trailer she lived in, needed. So, when it came time for a big repair the landlord decided that it wasn't cost effective to make the repair, and demanded that the mother and her kid move off his property. As you might imagine, mom didn't take too kindly to this development. Hence, the confrontational situation we have here. The landlord did get pretty wild with their decision to "move into" the trailer. Plus, the fact that the landlord was charging $600 for the mom and her kid to live in a leaky trailer is pretty far out. It sounds like everyone's at a bit of a standoff. So, you be the judge here. Who is in the wrong? Keep the landlord drama going with this revenge story about a landlord who tried to rip a tenant off, and ended up paying $6.5K.